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Precision CNC machining

Your single source for finished parts - saving time, cost, and hassles.

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Precision CNC Machining


For over 37 years, Petty Machine & Tool, Inc. in Jackson, Michigan has provided diverse industries with precision manufacturing. Working with titanium, aluminum, stainless, and a variety of other alloys, Petty Machine & Tool, Inc. offers superior quality CNC machining.


When you choose Petty, we’ll do whatever it takes to meet your needs.


Certified by ASR Registrars, Inc. and AS9100 Registered, Petty Machine & Tool, Inc. is ready to provide you with prototype, short run or volume production of the product you need. CNC milling, turning, or machining of forgings, castings, or bar stock: Petty Machine & Tool, Inc. is ready to solve your problem with a quality solution.


Our dedicated personnel and quick turnaround times make Petty the best choice for your precision metal machining needs. When you absolutely, positively need it, call Petty Machine & Tool, Inc. – we deliver!


Completed Part


Petty has the ability to provide complete part-ready-for-assembly services. We offer clients with aerospace machining, medical machining, industrial machining or other needs a simple, single source for their finished part – saving time, cost and hassles.

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