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About Petty Machine

At Petty Machine & Tool, Inc., we believe in complete customer satisfaction, and we do whatever it takes to fulfill your precision machined parts needs, on time. Petty Machine & Tool, Inc.’s quality CNC turning and milling is performed by precision machinists who take pride in their craftsmanship.


Petty Machine & Tool, Inc. serves the aerospace, medical, industrial, military and fuel industries. We’ve recently added the food processing, oil drilling, HVAC, agriculture and performance motorcycle parts industries to this list.


Petty Machine & Tool, Inc. offers our customers exceptionally quick turnaround times. We are proud to share that in 2010, Petty customers benefitted from 99.5 percent on-time delivery. Petty will employ the process that best suits your situation to deliver precision machined parts on time. For example, in some cases we can use an alternate process – bar vs. forging – to save up to eight-weeks lead time. Finally, Petty Machine & Tool, Inc.’s “Just In Time Delivery,” means we ship within 24 hours to ensure customers a reduced lead time and low to nonexistent inventory costs. Our Case Studies page features several testimonials.


When you need a precision machined prototype part, Petty delivers the best possible part at the lowest cost to you. Read more on our Prototype page.


Both highly capable and flexible, Petty is your “can do” CNC machine shop.

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